The Best Twitter Reactions To Last Night's Recoupling On Love Island

The Best Twitter Reactions To Last Night's Recoupling On Love Island

It was non stop drama in the Love Island villa last week. On Tuesday, Sherif was kicked out of the villa and on Wednesday Maura from Longford entered the villa to shake things up. To top off a dramatic week, last night there were more tears, tantrum and, of course, a recoupling. This time around it was the boys turn to choose who they wanted to couple up with and the outcomes threw up some shockers. As always the fans reaction on Twitter is the best part of Love Island, here are the best reactions to the talking points on last night's recoupling on Love Island.

When Tommy picked Molly-Mae

Since his arrival on day two, Tommy has been in the middle of some sort of love triangle. First, it was Lucie and Joe love triangle after he chose to couple up with Lucie. This time around Tommy had two women chasing after him. Maura entered the villa last week and aggressively pursued him, sparking Molly- Mae to declare her feelings for him. When it came down last night's recoupling, it was anyone's guess which was he was going to go. Everyone was delighted in the end that he stuck with Molly-Mae.

Danny's speech when he picked Yewande

Through all the drama, bitching and bickering, these two restored our faith in humanity.


Amber and Michael's reaction to Danny picking Yewande

Amber and Micheal's supportive reactions to Danny and Yewande's blossoming romance is heartwarming. We are all guilty of being too quick to judge Amber, she's fierce but a true friend to Yewande.


When Maura wasn't voted off

Maura's boy crazy ways are just uncomfortable viewing at this point. Twitter users have highlighted that if she was a man, she would have been kicked off by now for sexual harassment.

Maura representing Ireland Vs Yewande representing Ireland

The stark contrasts between the two Irish ladies in the villa were highlighted on Twitter.


Mean Girls

Watching Amy in action these days is just like watching Regina George in Mean Girls. The way she has turned on her former friend Lucie is just plain nasty and highlights the ugly side of female friendships.


Joe needs to go

If Amy is Regina George, Joe is Joe from You. He's manipulative, over-possessive, jealous and insecure, he needs to go.

Lucie was the top trending on Twitter last night with people voicing their concerns for her treatment in the villa. She's a sweet, genuine girl that does her own thing and stays out of the bitchy drama. My heart broke for her when she got so upset standing up to Amy because she never usually stands up for herself, we all just wanted to cuddle her.

The drama continues tonight at 9 pm.

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