The Twitter Reaction To Maura From Longford Is Priceless

The Twitter Reaction To Maura From Longford Is Priceless

Things are heating up in the Love Island villa this week. In last night's episode, two new girls entered the villa, Maura, a model and grid girl from Co. Longford and Elma, an eyelash technician from Essex. Each of the girls picked three men for a date, one to cook each of their three-course meals. Maura picked Tommy, Danny and Michael and Elma choose Tommy and Danny also and much to his delight Anton. As the two girls strutted into the villa and sat down to their dates, the other girls watched from the balcony in a successful bid for producers to play girls off against each other.

The biggest talking point from last night's episode comes from Maura from Longford. At the first mention of "fanny flutters," it was clear what had happened, Maura has auditioned for the wrong show. As the sexual innuendos poured from her, it was a clear as day, this girl thinks she's auditioned for Geordie Shore.

Twitter users were quick to observe Maura's fondness for sexual innuendos and soon enough "Maura Love Island" was trending and the tweets are absolutely gas:


Fair play to Tommy for knowing where Longford is, or at least pretending to.

Tonight the drama will continue and the nation will watch behind parted fingers to see what cringy sexual innuendos Maura will say next. It's safe to say we're hooked.

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Deirdre Kelly

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