Watch: Man Nearly Gets Head Stuck In UCD's New Microwave

Watch: Man Nearly Gets Head Stuck In UCD's New Microwave

Upon hearing the news that Cafe Brava in UCD's Student Centre is after getting three new microwaves, I was going to headline this, 'Don't Worry UCD Students, Everything Is Going To Be OK' but then I saw a man put his head in one of the machines and now I'm not so sure.

Yes, it's been a difficult week for the college with the impeachment of Students' Union President, Katie Ascough, but things are indeed looking up, with the new microwaves offering students the opportunity to heat up their own homemade meals in the centre.

However, it's quite clear students have no idea how to use these contraptions, as evident in the video below where one guy tries to microwave his own head.


The sooner they can elect a new president to lead this shower out of the wilderness the better!

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