University Of Limerick To Use 'Blended' Learning Approach In September

University Of Limerick To Use 'Blended' Learning Approach In September

With fears of a 'second wave' of Covid-19 possibly around the corner, Irish colleges and universities face many challenges for opening their doors for the 2020-21 academic year. Online learning is likely to form a major part of how classes work in September and beyond. Both Cambridge and Harvard have revealed plans to go totally online for this upcoming school year.

We're starting to get more visibility from Irish institutions on their plans for the coming academic year. Today UL has confirmed that they will be using a 'blended learning' approach for the next year, which will see a mix of classroom and online learning used.

Students from UL received an email today explaining how the semester will work. First years will spend 4 weeks of their first 12 weeks of the semester on campus. Everyone else will spend 3 weeks of the 12 week semester on campus.


It's a massive change in how we learn but it seems surely to be the future of education, in the short term anyway.

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