Gifts Not To Buy Her This Valentine's Day

Gifts Not To Buy Her This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day aka 'Make Single People Feel Alone Day', takes place every year on February 14 and is undoubtedly a waste of money and a load of shite.

If however, you're in a relationship and your other half has decided you will be exchanging gifts, there are a few presents you should definitely steer clear of. You don't want to be too cheap but you also don't want to go over-the-top lavish either.

Here's a guide on what to definitely not buy her this Valentine's Day.

1. Fluffy handcuffs

This may seem like a kinky idea, but presenting her with a pair of fluffy handcuffs in Nando's is not ideal and will result in separate taxis home.

2. A tattoo of her name on your wrist


Don't be a knob, come on.

3. A dog

Unless it's a goldfish that takes very minimal effort to keep alive, don't buy it. It will be a novelty for a while but will then take over her life and if you ever (God forbid) break up you'll be fecked on who owns it.

4. A gold chain


If it turns your neck green, it's cheap as chips and will eventually turn bronze. This shows your girlfriend that she's not worth it and she'll end up looking like she has some sort of skin disease.

5. A DVD

It doesn't matter if it's her favourite movie, no one watches DVDs and no one wants one – period.

6. A marriage proposal


If you're still in college and you plan on getting married maybe it's time you moved to the deep south in the States and name your first child Darlene.

7. A date to McDonald's

The uncomfortable seating and unnecessarily bright lights are not appealing and not cute to boot.

8. A Gym membership


No matter what your intentions, unless she's a hard-hitting gym bunny this will make her feel like you think she's fat.

9. Finally...3 bouquets of flowers, 8 box of chocolates, a barbershop quartet and 18 doves

This is just plain creepy/over the top.


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