Video: Pope Francis Rebuffing People Kissing His Ring Is The Funniest Thing

Video: Pope Francis Rebuffing People Kissing His Ring Is The Funniest Thing

A video of Pope Francis repeatedly rebuffing peoples advances to people trying to kiss his papal ring has gone viral. This short video is sure to be the funniest thing you'll see today.

The video is shot from the Pope's visit to a Catholic shrine in Loreto on Monday of this week. The reason as to why the Pope didn't want people kissing his ring were not released but you can sympathise with Pope all these meet and greets are a germaphobe worst nightmare.

You can watch the video everyone is talking about here:


According to the BBC, this footage is the last few minutes of footage of the meet and greet that is 13 minutes long. The first few people in the line kissed the ring without any protest from Pope Francis. It was only in the last 10 minutes the Pope's behaviour changed and made for this hilarious video footage. Maybe, he was just eager to finish up and get back on the Pope mobile to put his feet up in the Vatican.

Not everyone sees the funny side of this video. A conservative Christian newspaper called Life Site who are known for being critical of Pope Francis describes the video as "disturbing". The article then goes on to detail the history of the ring and the tradition of kissing the ring. Others have weighed in on the debate stating that it's high time to get rid of this outdated tradition of kissing the papal ring, I agree.

Who knows one of the people at the start of the queue could have had herpes and Pope Francis was merely preventing the spread of the virus. If that's the case, the man is a hero.

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