There's A New Harry Potter Movie About Voldemort And It's Really Feckin' Good

There's A New Harry Potter Movie About Voldemort And It's Really Feckin' Good

Voldemort: Origins of the Heir is not associated with Warner Bros or JK Rowling but, with nearly 9 million views on Youtube, it looks set to become part of the  Harry Potter canon. Released only four days ago, the film has received nearly 400,000 thumbs up and only 16,000 thumbs down.

VOH, an unofficial prequel to the originals, is based on Tom Riddle aka Voldemort, discovering being an heir to Slytherin, his adolescence in Hogwarts and his friendship with the other heirs of Hogwarts.

For a film made on a significantly smaller budget, €15,000 to be exact, the special effects are on par with the original eight films. The dark malevolence that cloaked the final films of the original series is once again captured in Origins but if you're not a real fan of the series then it might be a good idea to skip it. Also, the storyline for non fans isn't easy to follow as there's lots of talk about Horcruxes, magical emblems that store part of a persons soul.  Originally an Italian film, the English dubbing can be switched to subtitles which is probably worth doing considering the dubbing becomes irritating. A buzz across social media spread the word that the unofficial fan film had been released and fans were suprised at how decent the prequel is:



Fans were hoping that JK Rowling, the mastermind behind Harry Potter, would reveal her thoughts on the fan made movie but no comment has been made yet. One thing is clear, fans of VOH are obsessed with one thing: Stefani Rossi. The actor plays a young Voldemort:

You won't have to wait long to decide whether this fan-made move is for you. Coming in at just under an hour, watch Voldemort: Origins Of The Heir below and decide for yourself if it has the magic:

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