7 Reasons To Go On A Mad One In Budapest

7 Reasons To Go On A Mad One In Budapest

Hungary's capital Budapest is the sesh moths dream. Not only is it super affordable for food and drink, Ryanair flights to this spot are constantly on sale and - given how cheap the city is - these will still end up being the most expensive part of this trip. Budapest is only a stones thrown away from spots like Istanbul so you can create an essential European road trip.

Here are seven reasons why you can't miss out on Budapest:

1. The Price Tag

Budapest has been described as one of the cheapest city breaks. As Hungary still uses its own currency, the forint, you should stock up on their currency before you head over. The euro trumps the forint and everything will cost you less in forint. Avoid changing money at the airport or train stations. With an entire pizza costing less than 4.50, 40 or 50 euro a day would see you living like a king.

2. Ruin Bars


Szimpla Kert can only be described as a dystopian, futuristic European bar. It's what every second bar in Dublin is trying to be but so much better. GO!

3. Baths, Hot Springs and Spas

Hungary has more than a thousand hot springs and jammed pack with spas so Budapest is the perfect playing field if you love a decent pamper sesh before or after hitting the town.


4. A Tuk Tuk Tour

While you're recovering from the hangover you might want to take a trip around the city. The Tuk Tuk tour averages at €50 euro for two and it's worth it. The tour guide drives you across Budapest to all the best tourist spots and you don't even have to leave the car.

5. The Great Market Hall

Need hangover munchies? The Great Market Hall houses hundreds of delicacies and you could get lost in the sights and smells of this massive space.

6. A magical island in the heart of the city


If you're looking to escape the mainland, Margit Island is linked to the city by bridge or boat. You can hire a vehicle while you're on the island and visit the stunning Palatinus Baths and the Japanese Gardens.

7. Budapest Boat Party

Two words that will convince you to get on this: booze cruise. Pass me a G&T, please.

Tag your travel buddy and get booking those flights.

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