What To Watch: The Derry Girls Are Returning To Our Screens Tomorrow Night

What To Watch: The Derry Girls Are Returning To Our Screens Tomorrow Night

Friday nights don't always need to be about going out. Why not get your mates to call around and binge watch these shows that'll have everyone talking Saturday morning? You might want to have the record button handy, a few of these will be airing at the same time and overlap but, heck, that's the fun of it:

1. The Crystal Maze:  The Derry Girls

When: Channel 4

Time: 9.00 pm

The main cast of The Derry Girls will team up to compete in the iconic television show The Crystal Maze. We're expecting a lotta laughs as this crew navigate the complex trials of the labyrinth.


2. Rio Ferdinand: Mam and Dad

When: RTÉ 2

Time: 9.30 pm

Now's your chance to catch the heartbreaking documentary that won a BAFTA, Rio Ferdinand, considered one of England's greatest ever players, reveals what life's like after the death of his partner and the mother of his three kids. It's a side to sportsmanship we rarely get to see - vulnerability.


3. Love Island

When: 3e / ITV2

Time: 9.00pm

After the fallout of Thursday night's villa dumping this episode is sure to be a controversial one. Will Wes and Megan recouple? Will Adam finally get the chop? Does anyone dislike Dani and Jack? One thing's for sure: Dr. Alex is going to make us die a little inside:


4. The Best Of The Late Late Show

When: RTÉ

Time: 9.35 pm

Both the Late Late and The Graham Norton Show are taking breaks which will leave a big gaping hole in our Friday night traditions. Thankfully the big wigs over in RTÉ saw this fatal flaw. Now, each week Tubridy will be showcasing the highlights of this series and this week it's all about the Notorious McGregor.


5. The Guest (2014)

When: FilmFour

Time: 00.40

As per usual, Film Four's Friday lineup includes some gem like Commando, Men in Black 3 and the lesser known The Guest. About a man who visits his friend's family after his friend tragically dies at war. The Guest is an uncomfortable thriller. The movie bombed at the box office but made by the creators of You're Next - you can find that one in the Netflix horror section - this isn't a movie you want to miss.

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