Watch: Gemma Collins' Latest On Screen Argument The Best 'Thank u, Next' Remix Yet

Watch: Gemma Collins' Latest On Screen Argument The Best 'Thank u, Next' Remix Yet

The queen of Television, Gemma Collins, has graced our reality TV screens once again to give us all the drama and sass we need in 2019. Since her debut on Dancing On Ice there has been numerous stories out there covering her Diva-esque style, her short temper, and of course, her on-screen rivalries.

This weeks dancing on ice of course didn't give anything less. When her skate was over and ready to be judged, Gemma did not let us down. Jason Gardiner, Australian choreographer, singer and theatre producer, began to give his opinion on Gemmas skate. He went on to say "I know you were channeling Marilyn Monroe, but we ended up with Anna Nicole Smith" (1993 Playmate of the Year), along with "There was meant to be elegance - You were all over the place", and topping it off with "We're not going to see any big lifts from you, we're not going to get any impressive moves", to which Gemma interupts..

"Can I just say one thing, maybe if you didn't sell stories on me, I wouldn't have been so upset this week."

Then the crowd all shout "Oooohh" in unison, including us at home shouting at our TV screens.

The self-titled Diva did it again. She then goes on to shout over Jason Gardiner saying "Boorrring...Next!"

And this is where the real fun begins.

As soon as I stepped on to the internet, I saw Gemma sharing remixes her loving fans of hers had made, editing her comment into Ariana Grandes popular song, 'Thank u, next'.


At first, most of the edit were fairly terrible but we now have an official winner. Move over Ariana, Gemma's got herself a spot on the charts.

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