Gemma Collins Falls On Live Television: The Sequel

Gemma Collins Falls On Live Television: The Sequel

Gemma Collins (The GC) shocked viewers and judges this week on Dancing on Ice, when her finishing glide turned into a face plant into the hard, freezing cold ice.

Gemma has attracted a number of headlines since becoming a contestant on Dancing On Ice, especially due to her alter-ego, 'The GC' who seems to take over Gemma's body and brings out the Diva inside of her.

This week on Dancing On Ice was an exception, with judges commenting on how she 'left the GC at home', bringing a more calm and sophisticated Gemma to the ice.

Unfortunately, this article isn't going to be about how magnificent Gemma's improvement on this weeks show was, but rather, it's about the magnificent fall she made while channeling her inner Celine Dion on LIVE television.

You can watch the full routine here, including the judges comments, and Holly and Phils amazing support. (Skip to 00.45 to see the epic fall.)


This isn't the first time that Gemma has made a mark on national television for falling mid-show. About a year and a half ago, in 2017, Gemma announced the Best TV Show on Radio One's Teen awards, and after the announcement, she fell through the stage, completely re-directing the spotlight from the winners. Who even knows what the Best TV show was?

Even through all these disasters, Gemma Collins still fills us with joy and she continues to show how resilient she is, in spite of all the negative press she may get. After her fall on Dancing On Ice, the judges awarded her with her highest score yet, a 16.5. They all commented on the amazing improvement she has made, as well as how stunning the routine was, prior to the unfortunate fall.

There's definitely more in store from Gemma on this season of Dancing On Ice and I for one will be gluing myself to the TV screen watching for the next spin she puts on for all of us gracious GC super fans.

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