Watch: The New Trailer For Black Mirror Season Five Has Landed

Watch: The New Trailer For Black Mirror Season Five Has Landed

Black Mirror, created by Charlie Brooker, is a contemporary reworking of 'The Twilight Zone' with stories for each episode that explore the high-tech near future and the unease of the modern world. The dramatised yet sometimes likely scenarios that play out on Black Mirror are thought-provoking but can often leave viewers' feeling perplexed.

The last released from Black Mirror was the first interactive episode Bandersnatch back in December last year. The episode took anywhere between 40 minutes, to 90 minutes to watch depending on the different choices you make.

The hit series is returning for Season 5 this summer. The trailer looks both thrilling and unsettlingly as we have come to expect from Charlie Brooker.

Watch the trailer here:


You may recognise some familiar faces from the trailer. In the opening scene, Irish actor Andrew Scott (aka the hot priest in Fleabag) is shown holding a gun in his car while surrounded by police cars. Miley Cyrus also features in the trailer as a performer with thousands of fans. Topher Grace (aka Eric in That's '70s Show) also features in this star-studded cast.

Black Mirror Season 5 is coming to Netflix on June 5th.

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