Watch: Theresa Mannion's Report About A Singing Donkey In Connemara Is Astounding

Watch: Theresa Mannion's Report About A Singing Donkey In Connemara Is Astounding

Theresa - oh, dear sweet Theresa. The queen of our hearts, the exemplar of fearlessness in broadcasting, has yet again cemented her reputation as the go to person for incongruous and viral-worthy news reports.

Despite being a long-time servant of RTÉ it seems that it has only been in the last few years that the powers that be in the national broadcaster have come to realise how best to utilise, arguably, the greatest asset at their disposal. For it is a heinous waste of Theresa Mannion's unique set of skills as a broadcaster to send her, say, to create a short video package concerning the ever-escalating famine in the Yemen; leave it to the others should a call come through that coverage is required of a bomb scare created in a major international airport; do not even countenance coming to Theresa if there has been a severe slump in the global stock-markets - for this would be a heinous misappropriation of her enviable skills. If however there is a quite dangerous storm that a reporter is to needlessly be required to stand in, call her name; if there is a slightly shabby donkey in a dry-stone-walled field in Connemara that possesses an uncanny ability to make a noise that sort of, at a push, could be said to sound like it's singing; then for the love of Christ call out for Theresa.

This video of the aforementioned mule went viral last week, prompting RTÉ to solicit the report, documenting the donkey's owners. The video was uploaded on Friday - ya know, the day of the presidential elections.

While democracies across the world appear to be quivering under the rise of a new-look proto-fascism, most recently with Brazil electing an unashamedly heinous individual to the post of president, it is comforting to note our apparent confidence in our institutions of government that, on the day of the election, we were able to devote time away from questions of democracy and instead focus on what's truly important, a donkey with a set of pipes on it that'd make Adele quiver with envy.


It is truly a sight to behold.

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Rory McNab

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