Watch: Waterford Whispers Stole The Show With New Segment On Ray D'Arcy Show

Watch: Waterford Whispers Stole The Show With New Segment On Ray D'Arcy Show

Ray D'Arcy - a man whose presenting style seems to be entirely modeled on the demeanour of a boyfriend trying to make a good impression while meeting his partner's relatives for the first time at a family barbecue - has a show on RTÉ. So far at least this comes as news to no-one, save perhaps only to the newest of new-borns - but frankly they will have little reason to try and come to terms with who and what Ray D'Arcy is for a few years at least. What marked last night's episode of The Ray D'Arcy Show as notable, and can thus be seen as the whole raison d'etre of this article, was that it featured what is hopefully set to become a regular feature on the show - a satirical sketch from Waterford Whispers News.

The satirical website, which has over 622,000 likes on Facebook, has recently attempted to branch out into creating more video content as well as hosting several upcoming live shows in the Theatre Royal Waterford and Vicar Street, and several other venues, which can be seen here.  Last night however, they appeared on The Ray D'Arcy Show for the first time presenting a faux-news bulletin. The sketch titled 'Busker charged for the murder of Wonderwall' can be seen below.


It's a fairly safe sketch for them, but still features a few gems. It seems from the wording of the tweet as if this is set to be the first of a regular slot on the show. Given the fantastic success of the website it has long since earned the right an opportunity to transfer some of its material onto radio and television. This could finally prove to be the elusive incentive, and lord knows one is needed, that the world has been waiting for to tune into The Ray D'Arcy Show

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Rory McNab

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