Step Aside Teresa Mannion, There's Another Weather Reporter Gone Viral

Step Aside Teresa Mannion, There's Another Weather Reporter Gone Viral

You may have noticed some exceptionally windy weather when you've stepped outside over the past few days. Storm Gareth has been in full force bringing with him heavy rain and damaging gusts. The parts of the country which were worst affected were Donegal, Galway, Leitrim, Mayo and Sligo which all had a status orange wind warning in place

With every weather warning comes RTE's weather correspondents time to shine. We will never forget that moment when Teresa spoke the words "Don't make unnecessary journeys" during Storm Desmond in 2015 and instantly became an internet sensation.

To refresh your memory, here's the RTE weather report that went viral and made Teresa Mannion a household name:

This time around, however, it's not Teresa Mannion trending on Twitter, its Eileen Magnier reporting from windy Bundoran.

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on Eileen's professionalism in dealing with reporting from the eye of the story and drawing comparisons with the infamous Teresa Mannion report.


Shrewd views also observed her lack of essential weather wear.


At least RTE gave Teresa Mannion a hat when they sent her into the eye of the storm. Eileen Magnier we applaud you for keeping your composure when faced with such challenging work conditions. Great Job! We applaud you.

For the latest weather updates according to Met Éireann it will stay "blustery this afternoon with bright spells and scattered showers. Highs of 7 to 10 degrees in fresh to strong west or northwest winds."

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