Westworld Is Bloomin' Nuts And You Need To Watch It

Westworld Is Bloomin' Nuts And You Need To Watch It

This week's episode of Westworld lads ... By-Jaysis!

If you aren't watching HBO's latest hit show then frankly, you need to sort your life. The first six episodes were deeply intriguing but at the same time didn't do much other than take small steps towards developing the overarching plot. However, shit got real (or did it?) in the final moments of the seventh offering, this week.

The premise of the show revolves around the this 'theme park' which Anthony Hopkins' character Robert Fold has built, which is popularity by extremely realistic robots in a Wild West style setting. Real people pay to visit the park, where they go on lots of mad-capped adventures, shoot plenty of cowboys and - how can I put this ... have their way with the robots.

Confused? You should be. Prepare yourself to feel a lot like Homer Simpson watching Twin Peaks, for vast periods of the first few episodes.

home twin peaks meme

You don't have to just take my word on how good it is. 11.7m watched it this week on HBO. That's more viewers than either Game of Thrones or True Detective in their respective first seasons. Not only that but it is averaging twice as many viewers as The Walking Dead did in its first season.


Whether the air of mystery is enough to keep us engaged for long is yet to be seen but the show will definitely be returning for at least a second season; albeit not until 2018. That gives you plenty of time to catch up!

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Mark Farrelly

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