What To Watch This Weekend: The Late Late Show Will Be Live From The UK

What To Watch This Weekend: The Late Late Show Will Be Live From The UK

If you've decided to stay in this weekend and need to give Netflix a break, here's what's on:


The Late Late Show 

Where: RTÉ One

What time: 9.35 pm

The geniuses over in x have decided to take Tubs to the UK to discuss all things Brexit, just as the deadline looms over Theresa May's head. Tubs will be joined by fellow Irish presenter Graham Norton, Imelda May and Nigel Farage, the grandfather of Brexit.

Lethal Weapon 2 


Where: RTÉ 2

What time: 9.45 pm

If you're searching for something a little less political, the action extravaganza Lethal Weapon 2 will set you up for the weekend. If you've never seen this classic, LW2 is about LAPD Detectives Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) defending a key witness from South African drug dealers. It's one of Gibson's wackiest roles and with the addition of Glover, it's a perfect comedy:



The X Factor: Judges Houses 

Where: Virgin Media One

What time: 20.35

As contestants finally secure their seat after a stomach-clenching six chair challenge, the worst part of the X Factor journey is over. Now we can enjoy Simon & Co. showcasing their lavish lifestyles in their luxury homes and ruining peoples dreams. Is this show really about finding talented singers? Of course not but at least Dermot's there to give them a well-deserved hug.

Die Hard 

Where: Channel 4


What time: 23:15

Yes, the accidental masterpiece Die Hard is on telly again. While it feels like it's on nearly every week, this could be the weekend you actually sit down and watch Bruce Willis's most quoted film.


Finding Joy


Where: RTÉ One

What time: 22.35

Ireland's favourite Amy Huberman is back with a comedy banger. Finding Joy is about navigating life in your thirties and moving on after a painful breakup. A repeat of the first episode, you can catch up before the next episode airs on Wednesday (9.35 pm) or, alternatively, catch up on the RTÉ player.

The Fault In Our Stars

Where: Channel 4

What time: 23.35

Why not finish your weekend off with a good cry? A Fault In Our Stars is about a teen cancer patients who fall in love at a support group. Don't worry, it's not all tears, some light-hearted moments are provided but you will need a multipack of Kleenex.

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