Everyone's Favourite Is On The Graham Norton Show Tonight

Everyone's Favourite Is On The Graham Norton Show Tonight

The comedy legend is back tonight with another all-star line-up but one guest is sure to set Twitter alight - Sir Ian McKellen.

The star of Lord of the Rings and X-Men will be joining Graham to discuss his role in new one-man stage show. The last time McKellen was on the show he delivered a priceless impression of Dame Maggie Smith and spoke about that Magneto body suit. Ideally we'd love Patrick Stewart to join him but beggars can't be choosers and we'll take what we can get. Although we can't help but feel McKellen will steal the show, this episode looks set to have something for everyone.

Not only will Ian be serving the audience witty anecdotes, Michael Bublé will be performing his latest release 'I Only Have Eyes For You' to get is in the mood for the festive season - at this stage it's impossible to fight it. The singer will release his 10th album Love on the 16 November.


Taron Egerton will be discuss playing two iconic figures - Robin Hood and Elton John - and Carey Mulligan will reflect on her role in Wildlife, a new US drama. Egerton will be a voice of one the rabbits for a retelling of the terrifying animated classic Watership Down which will air on the BBC later this year.

The Graham Norton Show will start at 10.35 pm on BBC One.

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