Will Smith Is About To Drop The Greatest Track Of 2018

Will Smith Is About To Drop The Greatest Track Of 2018

Will Smith has released a sneak peak of his new music and it’s 100% worth the 13 year wait.

Will Smith took to YouTube to tease a snippet of new music that he’s working on that will be hopefully be released very soon. The song is about his success in life, and how he is an “anomaly”. He started the video by talking about how at his peak he was doing a television show, a movie, and an album every year, and how he’s taken some time to himself recently but has given himself time to get his creative juices flowing, and is about to hit us with some of his best stuff yet.

The last time Will Smith released music was in 2005, and most people seem to have never known that Will Smith started out as a professional M.C at 16 and was one of the best rappers of his time. He (as Fresh Prince) and DJ Jazzy Jeff were the first rappers to win a Grammy for Best Rap Performance for “Parents Just Don’t Understand” in 1989.


“20 years of swag y’all just witnessed” is what he repeats during the song, and it’s pretty true when you think of it. There’s no other just like Will Smith. Even his Instagram is something else. "For the record, Directors make movies, I make Directors" is definitely one of the most accurate lines in the rap.

Only Will Smith could get away with writing a rap that is so self-boosting because let's face it, he's probably done a lot more than many celebrities, between his movies, shows and albums, even his interviews are a show in and of themselves. “I’m an anomaly, do drama or comedy, I can play Mohammad Ali or a white lady probably”. He even addressees the divorce rumors that have been going around for years.

Take a look at his teaser here:

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