Would You Wear These Lidl Runners?

Would You Wear These Lidl Runners?

We live in crazy times. We never thought we'd want to wear runners from Lidl, but then these Lidl shoes happened to us. We never really knew how badly we needed puffy yellow and blue shoes featuring the logo of our favourite discount grocery store until we saw the photos on our social media feed yesterday. Now we NEED them.

Part of the craze was undoubtedly the bargain-bin retail price. Somehow Lidl only priced these babies at a mere €12.99. But then again, these shoes are unquestionably sexy.

The shoes were never for sale in the UK and Ireland, unfortunately.

It was possible to buy them online but they've all sold out from Lidl's official continental websites.


Which leaves third-party website like ebay as the only place  to get these shoes. On German ebay, there are quite a few pairs currently for sale, with bidding starting around €50. One pair cost as much as €450 yesterday. It helps if you can speak a bit of Deutsch to navigate the auctions.

The runners caused all kinds of craziness when they went on sale in Finland in April, with pairs costing up to €600 on third-party sites.

While Lidl told Lad Bible they have no plans to sell the shoes in the UK and Ireland, we can only hope the madness these shoes has inspired will force a change in strategy. Until then, ebay will be essential if you're wondering where to buy those Lidl runners.

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