You Definitely Want To Know How Much Money Kim Kardashian Makes A Day

Kim K had a bit of a twitter rant yesterday, as everyone probably heard. After posting a nude photo to her twitter, there was a bit of a backlash and Kim did not take it well. Her last tweet, which we weren't a big fan of, was a mic drop on her part.



I mean that is a shit ton of money. We actually shudder when thinking about how much dollah that is. But don't you worry, we've taken on the lovely task of figuring out how much that works out at a day, cause we know you're intrigued.

$6,666,666 a month


$1,666,666 a week

$238,095 a day


$9,920 an hour

$165 a minute

$2.75 a second


We really can't even deal with that.


Video: Kim Kardashian Shades Celebs On Twitter Just Like Kanye 


Credit: Complex.


Isabelle Riggins

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