You'll Never Guess How Much Money Youtuber Zoella Makes A Month

Zoe Sugg; youtuber, author and worldwide teenage icon. If you don't already know her, then it's likely you're not a 14 year old girl. The 25 year old has been making youtube videos since 2009 and has 10 million subscribers. That's 10 million people who tune in each week to watch her chat about her makeup and her pug. We seriously chose the wrong career.

The youbtuber makes serious bank to chill out in her bedroom and do her makeup, and we do mean SERIOUS. It's being reported by The Sunday Times that Zoella makes £50k, that's €71k, a month through her youtube channel. I mean holy fuck is all we can say.


But Sugg doesn't only have her youtube channel. No, she also has a writing career which saw her debut novel become the fastest selling debut of all time. There's a sequel that's due out soon and we're sure that only adds to her income.

Zoe currently lives in a five bed mansion with boyfriend and fellow youtuber Alfie Deyes. Not bad for someone who hasn't even hit thirty yet.



We may need to go and reevaluate our lives like right now.


Video: Zoella Channel Trailer


Credit: Zoella.


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