Did Zayn And GiGi Break Up Because Of Perrie Edwards?

Okay, okay I know I shouldn't give two shits about what an ex boyband member and his supermodel gf are up to but I like, many of you, have spent more time in the college library scrolling mindlessly through Daily Mail online instead of focusing on my overdue essay. And hey, if you're here reading this then obviously you give two shits about the latest instalment in the Zayn-and-Gigi fandango. Or façade, charade, whatever you wanna call it.


Zayn and Gigi have been loves young dream of 2016 in the celeb world, subjecting us to many snuggled-up-in-bed Instagram snaps, nauseating Twitter call-outs and "sightings" of them clutching hands on the streets of NYC. All the while poor ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards of mediocre UK girl group Little Mix watches on. Anyone's who's been dumped feels for her, right? I mean, your ex getting with a gorge, rich model and splashing it across the pages of Vogue must be er, tough.





HOWEVER, rumours have been swirling all week and are now gathering momentum that Zigi are no more. I know, I'm fucking delighted too (and YES, I am very aware of how sad that is.) Apparently after the Met Gala things have slowly been unravelling for the genetically-blessed pair and both of their social media accounts have been uncharacteristically without mention of each other in the past two weeks. Could it be? To make the story even better, the split is said to be due to Zayn's keeping in contact with Perrie, who confirmed that they had been in touch recently as she "had some things of his." Dear Gigi is said to be devastated at the news. Might a reunion be on the cards? I hope Perrie has more sense than that but still, watch this space...


Video: 9 Cutest Zayn & Gigi Hadid Moments



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