Zayn Malik Got A Tattoo On His Face & It's Dedicated To Someone Special

Zayn Malik may have gotten the stupidest tattoo we've ever seen this weekend. We're not understating that by the way. No, it's not misspelled and no, it's not a girlfriend's name or face (thank fuck).


It's a tribute to his mum. Now that alone is a lovely sentiment. If you're going to get a tattoo about someone, it may as well be the woman who gave you life. It's not the person the tattoo is about we're judging. It's the placement. Zayn took some inspiration from Mike Tyson and got a tattoo on his face.


I mean, we just can't even. Dude, what were you thinking?! The tat is a picture of a bird surrounded by flowers with a scroll across it saying 'MOM.' Yeah, you're not gonna regret that one in a few years Zayn. And what about your beautiful face!


Like I Would

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The last thing we'll say about this is that we really hope it's fake. Seriously.


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Credit: ClevverNews.

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