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One and all, meet Megan Cashmore aka Megan Jane, one YouTuber that you may not have heard of yet but everyone will soon. She might only have just over 6,000 YouTube subscribers - but the phrase "hidden gem" has never been more apt then with her. The self-confessed "geek at heart", she is a student at the University of Brighton. Straight outta Derbyshire, United Kingdom, Megan epitomises the CollegeTimes audience. She's quick-witted, fiery and isn't afraid to say it like it is. Which is one of the millions of reasons why we love her. We caught up with the 18-year old for a chat about how she got started on YouTube and how persistent hard work is the key to success...

1. Hi Megan! Could you sum yourself up in five phrases, just for the CT audience?

Mildly amusing YouTuber/storyteller, hilarious tweeter, self-deprecating piece of shit, Game of Thrones enthusiast.

2. What made you want to start making videos in the beginning?

I’ve been a binge-watcher of YouTube videos since I was 10. I’ve always found it fascinating looking through this internet window at real, unfiltered people. By the time I was 17, I started to gain more of a sense of self, and I’d always wanted to really be a part of the YT community but I was always too scared of what people would think of me. Then one day I just thought I’d give it a go, and it was really therapeutic, and really fun to create something that isn’t graphics for once, and the rest is history!

3. You talk in one of your videos about hating your first year of university. What advice would you give to someone reading this now who is in a similar situation?

Think about why you went to university, and decide if those reasons are still relevant. Sit down with someone you trust, someone who is impartial Maybe a friend (who isn’t at university with you) or parent etc. Ultimately you have to decide; Is this year worth sticking out because better things will come next time around, or is university, just not for me? Seriously think about it for a few weeks, but don’t make a decision overnight. Most importantly, chill out! You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, it’s not the end of the world!


4. Tell us something about yourself that you think people would wanna know but don’t…

I’m honestly such a geek at heart. I grew up playing Xbox and PC games like crazy (I reached a tragically high level on Skyrim). I also used to be obsessed with the Yogscast. I will happily binge-watch nerdy franchises and I can’t just enjoy it - I have to know every single detail I can possibly know. Then find the Reddit feed and read fan theories about it. Okay I’ll see myself out.

5. Is there ever any pressure to get more subscribers and views?

I think it depends. Sometimes you can slip into this weird third dimension where you really care about numbers and figures and it’s like this bizarre competition with yourself. Then you kind of snap out of it and remember why you’re doing it. But ultimately I’m just really having fun with this at the minute and because I have a pretty small channel, I’m just happy to see where it goes and enjoy myself in the meantime!

6. In what way do you think college students would relate to your videos?


Well for starters I’m at university myself, and I make loads of videos about university life in general.  I’m eighteen and I’m at that weird “I’m an adult now but I’m twelve inside help me pls” stage, and I guess that’s pretty relatable for any late teen or 20 something who’s just moved out of their parent’s house.


7. Who are your biggest influencers on social media?

I would have to say: Jenna Marbles, Tana Mongeau, The Gabbie Show, KathleenLights, Dan and Phil, Dodie Clark (Doddlevloggle specifically) and h3h3Productions* (*does not inspire my content at all, just needs to be included because gotta rep the vape naysh).


8. Do you think social media has affected the lives of young people in a negative or positive way?

I think these 13/14 year old kids are not as dumb as people love to think. People jump on the bandwagon of how awful it is; “kids these days and their damn iPhones and their thingamajigs etc. etc. etc..”, but lets be honest. They’re accessing information instantly, all the time. The internet as a community is pretty liberal and progressive on the whole, so personally I don’t think it’s really doing that much harm to the youth of today.

9. Would you have any specific tips for someone just starting their YouTube career?

Don't have any crazy expectations - be realistic and patient. Upload regularly, and upload content that you’re making for you, not anyone else - or you’ll just get bored. Persistent hard work is key. Also stop giving a shit what people think of you. Someone is always going to have something negative to say so you may as well just do whatever the hell you want.

10. What issues do you think young people need to be more aware of?


I honestly think that young people should think for themselves and make their own decisions. It’s so hard to break away from what everyone around you is thinking or saying because it’s so important for us to feel like we fit in. But you can still be completely open minded and open to a change of perspective and fit in at the same time. Don’t be afraid to have an opinion.

11. If you had to pick one, which video are you most proud of and why?

To be honest, I was shit-scared to make that video about hating my first year of university. I was prepared for so many people to get the wrong idea and really hate the video having such a negative take on college. That’s not the message I was conveying though, and I’m pleased with how it turned out. I actually felt quite vulnerable making that as I opened up a lot more than what I ever have on my channel. In saying that, it’s had a lovely response (as usual from our little community - thanks guys) and that’s always reassuring.

12. If you could collaborate with any YouTuber who would it be and why?

I’d really love to be a guest on the Jenna Julien Podcast. Reason being I admire the two of them so much for their work ethic and they seem like great people. Plus I listen to the podcast every week and have done since the first episode! OG DINK FAM WHERE U AT.



Thanks Megan for taking the time out to chat to CollegeTimes! Follow Megans brilliant YouTube channel here.


Video: I Hated My First Year Of University




Credit: Megan Jane

Aoife Loughnane

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