18 Signs You Were A Teen In The 2000s

Did you think Britney and K-Fed were forever?! Yessum? Then you just might be a Y2K Bae! (Y2K: The Millennium... k?!)

1. Text Messaging Was King:  No App's...

You wanted to talk to someone, without having to actually talk to someone? Why, send a humble 'Text Message.' Not a 'Whatsapp.' Nor a 'Snapchat.' Nor a 'Swipe.' I honestly can't even comprehend that now...

2. Text Language.

It rely kiked of 4m ere. Soon, evry1 wuz usin txt tlk. Cn u actualy c dis ok?

3. Mobile Phones... Nothing 'Smart' About Them!

If you owned a Motorola 'Razr', you were the coolest, hands down.


4. Harry Potter.

Yep. THE biggest cultural phenomenon of the 00's. Will always be watched around Christmas time by everyone, and pretty much all year round by the die-hards.


5. Reality TV.

Ok, so yeah it was started in the 90's, but it reached it's zenith come the 00's: KARDASHIANS, REAL HOUSEWIVES, NEXT TOP MODEL, I could go on...


6. Basically, 'Disney' Did Not Exist Before 'Pixar'...

Because basically, you don't really know what 'animation' is. OK, that sounds harsh, but still... The opportunity to watch a proper 'blockbuster' film that was 'drawn' was and is a rarity then and now.



7. All You Wanted Was An IPod.

Never got it...  Got a crappy 'Creative' one instead...bleugh!!


8. You Didn't Care What The 'M' In MTV Really Meant.

It was a cool station once y'know...



9. When You Did Listen To Music, It Was:

R Kelly, Ignition,

Britney Spears, I'm A Slave 4 U,

Nelly, Hot In Herre,

Nelly, Ride Wit Me, etc. etc. etc.!


10. And You Illegally Downloaded Them On Limewire And Kazaa.

Please be a good host, PLEASSSSE!!!!

11. You Made Do Without Proper Selfies, Or Selfiesticks!

Taking the picture without seeing exactly what you're taking at the same time?! Fucking horror.

12. Rihanna And Miley Were Still Kinda 'Good.'

And I mean 'Good' in a good-y two shoes kinda way.



Absolute fun-carnage... If you were a boy...

14. You Found That Very Few Of Your Friends Smoked Cigarettes, Unlike How Many Of The Older Kids Did.

You were the start of a positive trend signalling that cigarettes are dying out. Hurray for you guys! BUT some idiots are taking up Vaping straight away?! SMH.

15. Velour Tracksuits.


Hahahahaha your ass wasn't juicy.

16. MySpace.

Oh God. Myspace.

17. AND MSN...

Awh! Good times you guys...


18. Team Edward Vs. Team Jacob.

This literally started Civil Wars.


Video: I AM A '2000's' KID



Credit: Dolphin Phobia

Stephen Brennan

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