Can You Decipher What This Limerick Man Is Telling Conan O'Brien?

Can You Decipher What This Limerick Man Is Telling Conan O'Brien?

We've been watching the excellent video of Conan O'Brien's trip to Ireland in the mid-90s and one man has caught our eye in particular. He features in a clip of Conan trying to find his Irish ancestors but be-fecked if O'Brien or anyone can make out what he's saying.

A jolly chap, he seems to be giving the US chat show host advice on chatting up women rather than finding his family. Take a look for yourself.

Now I can speak countryman with the best of them but to tell you the truth I'm stumped! After listening to this about 100 times, I think he's saying:

Dolores Ryan will have a tour down there. They did this morning. I had a few pints down in the bar.

She's half drunk. She's there now. She could be there for the takings. Sit there, have a chat them, buy them a drink and that's it. You could 'chattened' up.

I'm going to the top shed - the high shed - for the brandy.

And finally, the one bit we're sure of:


Oh Jaysis, sure how would I recognise her? ... Ah she's alright.

Please leave us a comment on Facebook or send us a tweet with your translation. Is it the case that this man is only out of the pub because he's gone to get some woman a brandy?

We will get to the bottom of this by hook or by crook. Also you can watch the full, superb video of Conan's visit to Ireland below.

Kyle Mulholland

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