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It's A Marathon Not A Sprint: 22 Things You Need To Know About Day Drinking In College

You're in College, day drinking is part of the social syllabus. You need to get your shit together and not get that  fader rep that no one wants. Take our advice, pace pace pace.

1) Start as you wish to continue. 

Calm is the name of the game here, marathon not a sprint etc.

2) Dress appropriately. 

The nature of all day drinking is that you could end up anywhere.  Dress in a way that could see you back at a house party or in a club. It's tricky, but it can be done.


3) After 8 drinks put down the phone...

This is when things get dangerous.

4) Do not try to solve the problems of the world.

Discussions are inevitable but please don't start trying to shove your views down other peoples throats. It's such a party killer and honestly, you come off as a pain in the ass. If you're trying to seem smart, it's always better to stay quiet for as long as you can, drop in one intelligent opinion on the subject and then move on. Mysterious and cool not manic and inaccurate.


5) Stay away from social media. 

'Guess it's 5 o'clock somewhere! Thirsty Thursday wooooo!!' Stop it.

6) Now is not the appropriate time for a haircut.

7) Eating is good. 


Once you've had a few drinks all thoughts of paleo or 5:2 or whatever weird plan you were on just fall by the wayside. You might not feel hungry because of all the booze but if you go long enough without it, you'll fade way earlier than you should and miss out. Eating is not cheating. Sandwiches, rolls, pasta, whatever -just do it. You will thank yourself tomorrow.

8) Don't abandon the troops early on.


Even if you have a hot booty call or you need to get home to watch Orange is the new black or something. Stay with the crew because once one person leaves, the dynamics change and the night has the potential to crumble.

9) If you get the chance to get the score, take it. Something better might not come along. 


College is about fast decisions, going with your gut, feeling liberated and making mistakes. No one really cares what you do, so just do it. Have the right attitude of 'I'm here to have fun' and when it stops being fun, you can move on. Because it will. Kissing random strangers won't be as fun in 10 years, neither will cans in the park or peeing in a bush. Do it all now and don't take anything too seriously.

10) Drinking straight from the bottle is a recipe for vomit

But sometimes it's necessary so don't worry too much about it.

11) If you get thirsty it's OK to drink water


"Fuck water - drink more booze!" No, have a bottle of water. Do it while no one is looking if needs be. Just do it!

12) If you are tempted to sit and stop, just get more drinks and keep going. 

No getting comfortable! Stand up, go outside, blare a song like Hanson Mmbop... (or something cooler, I dunno) and KEEP GOING! You only get so many of these days in your lifetime, you don't want to spend half of it in bed do you?

13) If there is another venue calling, make sure there is more booze


Don't end up at a house party 20 minutes out of town where all there is is an old bottle of kaluah and a measly joint being passed around.

14) If in doubt which spirit to choose vodka is reliable. 

Try and mix with with something like juice, nice bit of natural sugar and a small amount of vitamins, far better than a fizzy drink for a long drinking session.

15) Do not get involved in other people's fights.

Just. Don't.


16) No Snapchat

17) Shots are rarely a good idea

But always good fun.

18) Wine makes you feel civilized


But also really hammered.

19) If you are lucky to come across free champagne, down it

It's like liquid cocaine.

20) Don't let ANYONE tell you you have a problem

21) Know when the session is over, never be the last to leave. 

22) When you get home down a pint of water and berrocca. You'll be fine for tomorrows lecture. Promise. 

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