Growing Tired Of Beer Pong? 10 Alternative Student Drinking Games...

You're in college. You have beer. You have friends (I hope)...

It's time for some drinking games!

1) Moustache TV

For the sophisticated lazy college student, this is a must-play. All you need is a TV, some drinks and a fake moustache (a black marker will work just as well). Put the fake moustache somewhere in the middle of the television (or draw one). Anytime someone appears to be wearing the moustache, everyone drinks. If the character already has a moustache, you have to drink twice. Reality TV is great for this, because there are so many talking heads.

*Another way of playing this game is Hat TV. Same rules, except you hang a hat on the corner of the TV instead. Whenever it appears someone is wearing the hat, you drink.

2) Edward Beerhands


The best time to play this is when you're getting ready to head out. Like Edwards Scissorhands himself, you need to be totally incapacitated and completely lose hand function altogether. Using duct tape, attach a bottle to each hand. Having done this, you won't be able to use light switches, put clothes on or go to the bathroom. The only way to remove them is to turn the bottle upside down on your head (the amount of liquid in the bottle is up to your tormenters). This is especially entertaining if someone needs to break the seal early, or gets an urgent phonecall.

3) Beerio Kart

We're not encouraging drinking and driving here, but driving hi-speed, weapon-laden vehicles around a 3D castle over a sea of lava - while hammered - is certainly fun. Obviously you'll need a copy of Mario Kart for this, but on a college campus, there's probably a fairly good supply of these. It's basically the same as any game of Mario Kart, but with one twist: you need to finish your entire beer between the beginning of the race and the moment you cross the finish line. There are a couple of strategies for this. You can down it immediately, take breaks every few seconds, or try and drink and drive at the same time (which rarely works). Anyone whose beer isn't finished, or who comes last, has to take a shot.

4) Avalanche


One of the best drinking games to play when you have a big crowd of people is Avalanche, purely for it's simplicity. You gather in a circle, or line up beside each other, and pick someone to be the Start and someone to be the End. Everyone begins drinking at the same time, but no one is allowed to stop drinking first except the person at the Start. Once he stops, the person beside him is allowed stop. And so on. The person at the End is always the last to stop. You can drink for as long as you like, after you're 'allowed' to stop drinking, which can put serious pressure on people at the End!

5) Choo-Choo

This is a wonderfully simple (and bloody ridiculous) game to play with your mates, especially when you're not really bothered setting up a complicated game. The very simple rule is that everytime you laugh, you need to pump your arms back and forth, like a train. If you forget or are laughing too hard to do it, you down your drink.

6) Irish Quarters


Unlike American quarters, where the object is to drop a quarter into someone else's drink, this involves significantly more skill. The object of the game is to spin the coin, drink some beer, top your glass back up and then grab the coin before it stops spinning. After that, they pass the coin to the next person. Anyone who fails in this task is forced to try again.

7) Flip, Sip And Strip

This involves lots of beer and nudity. Needless to say, a mix of guys and girls is preferred! All you need is a coin and lots of alcohol. Toss it in the air and guess heads or tails. If you guess right, you pass the coin on. If you guess wrong, you must either take a drink or remove an item of clothing. The one catch is that you can't drink twice. The game ends when you either run out of alcohol, clothes or nerve.

8) Power Hour


This is a very simple game in which you drink 60 shots of beer in an hour. You'll need about 6 bottles per person. An added bonus to this game is that you can give yourself an hour long playlist, so you know to drink as soon as the song changes. Websites like 8tracks provide playlists like this.

9) Medusa

To play this game, you need a lot of alcohol. Place about 20 shots, or drinks, in the middle of the table. Everyone puts their heads down and on the count of three looks up at another player. If two people find that they are looking at each other, they both must yell “ Medusa” and race to down a shot first. The last to finish their shot must take another. If more than one pair yells Medusa, that’s fine. Same rules apply: the last of the four to finish their shot must drink two shots. Keep playing until there are no more shots. Then play again if you want. This game is best if you have six or more players.

10) Voice Activated

You know those weird little figurines or figures that are sound activated? Where they start singing/dancing anytime someone talks or or claps near it? If you have one of those, put them somewhere in the room you're drinking (or outside the door if it's really sensitive). Everytime you set it off, you drink.

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