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This Article Will Help You Justify Going Out Tonight

1. It's Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, Etc.

Look at those words again one more time: MonDAY/TuesDAY/WednesDAY. And what else ends in -DAY? Exactly. SATURDAY. Exactly... That kind of justifies partying, doesn't it? Go out and dance with yo' freaky self!


2. You've clicked into this article.

That means that you've gone through the effort of researching justification. I mean, who does that? Now that, my friend, is commitment to the 'partay.' That alone deserves a drink. Or several.



3. Do you enjoy drinking/socialising/having fun/meeting fun attractive new people?

You do? What? You are just plain weird. You may just have to go out and get it out of your system. Right now. Ya weirdo!


4. If You Don't Go Out, You'll Just Be Distracted.


And whatever reason you used to justify staying in, won't get done. Whether its an assignment, relationship bonding,...all you'll be thinking about is why you should've just fucking went out.



5. Your Friends Are Going. And They Will Judge You.


Its the WORST. When all your friends go and get destroyed, and you stay in. The FOMO is intense. Listening to their stories the next afternoon- ugh! Any hangover would be better than this!

6. When You're Old And Wrinkly, You'll Regret Being So Sensible Now.

Listen to any anecdote from any old person. They will always say stuff like, "I wish I lived more...I wish I loved more...I wish I didn't put such emphasis on my career..." Listen to the old people, people!

7. What Would John Belushi Have Done In 'Animal House', The Original College Film?

Yep- He would've- Went. Out. And. Drank.


8. Stop Reading This NOW And Go Get Ready!

That is an order. What are you even still reading this article for?!


Video: You should get drunk.....10 Reasons Why


Credit: Emily Hart

Stephen Brennan

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