10 Tips For Getting Out Of Going Out

We’ve all been there, war-weary and weepy, when the thought of another night on the town has left us trembling, and still feeling like you’ll never quite be able to get the Sambuca out of your pores. But there’s always someone who’s more fun than you are, trying to twist your arm into another night out. Here’s a couple of strategies you can turn to, when you’ve got hair too clean to lie about needing to wash, even if you come across as the driest fun-leech in town.


Kindly remind your party pal that you aren’t there to cater to their needs.

Protest crippling loneliness.


Defend your personal space, and right to a free decision.

Pull out the tears


And don’t be afraid to throw a serious tantrum.

Philosophise about the matter.


Make it clear you’ve got a date with your weekly carb intake.

Consider making out with a hammer, just to ward them off.


Stand firm, and don’t be swayed by their convincing arguments.

Success! Relish your night in with a fellow fun sponge.


Julia O' Mahony

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