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McDonald's Have Brought Back Their Famous Shamrock Shake

McDonald's Have Brought Back Their Famous Shamrock Shake

It's that time of year again. It's nearing closer and closer to St.Patrick's day. A day where we can all celebrate being Irish and go on the biggest sesh of the year.

The day where everyone around the world celebrates our culture, and tries to claim national identity, even though it's been about a hundred year since any member of their family set foot in the country. But, still! We're all happy to have a good time and watch how their parades are still, and always will be, way better than ours.

Not only is it going to be a day full of gas craic, beer gardens, parades, ending with a huge night out and a few days off work, it also means will be sipping on McDonald's Shamrock Shake once again after a long long wait.

Every year when February comes around, Valentine's day, St.Bridget's and all them other saints go by with nothing too extra special to bring along with them, snakes. But, don't worry, St.Patrick's will get rid of them and swoop in with a deliciously refreshing milkshake that will wash all your worries away and get you hooked on it creamy, mint flavour.

Then, once more, it'll be taken away and you'll be devo until the next year comes around.

It really is about the little things to us Irish.


If you haven't tried one yet, I'm telling you get on that. The colour may not look the most appetising, but just let that slide, what other colour were they going to go with? It's Paddy's Day!

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