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Quotes That Really Sum Up Drinking In College

You might have some crazy nights drinking in college. But if you go out regularly, once or twice a week, you're bound to feel a little bit of déja vu reading this:

"Prinks in mine at 9!"

Prinks is a disgusting made-up word.

"Mon we play Kings"

Or possibly just drink and talk.


"Ahhhh no let's do something different this time!"

Like what?

"I dunno, let's make up a game?"

Don't be so ridiculous.


*Plays Kings*

That's what I thought.

"We get a bus or taxi?"

We 100% will not make the last bus. You can carve that on my tombstone.


"We'll get the bus sure it's cheaper."

Yeah, but we still won't get it in time.

"What time is the last bus?"

About 5 mins. You catching my drift?


"5 mins? Shit we better go."

You're still not wearing shoes pal. And she hasn't even made a dent in that naggin. So no.

"Will we just get a taxi? Be cheap enough anyway."

What a novel fucking idea.


"So where we going?"

Anywhere? Literally anywhere I can get a pint. Just not the Palace.


Yeah, grand. Cheap drink in there.


"The queue is so long though!!"

Yes, but the drink is cheap and it's a good laugh.

"Let's go Palace."

OK, so this is where my night ends as a memory. I will only go Palace if you make sure I get absolutely sloshed.



No thank you.

"I NEED chips."

For the first time tonight, I agree, let's get chips. And a dirty burger.



I actually thought this night was over and expected that we'd go to McDonalds for some quiet shite talk. But sure look.


*Some Scenes Missing* 

Before doing a Conga line to this belter

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