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39 Thoughts Every Student Has On Paddy's Day

It's that time of year again! The time when every single person from across the globe decides they want to come to Dublin (or just Ireland in general) to celebrate the magic that is St. Paddy's Day. If you've been in Dublin or the Dublin area your whole life, you know what a crazy mess this place becomes. At the same time though, it can be a bit of craic if you're doing it right.

1. I'm definitely going to get up and start drinking really early.

2. *Sleeps through six alarms* Fuck.


3. Well, guess no time is better than now to start drinking.

4. Glad I live in the city, the buses are absolutely mental right now.

5. Maybe I'll go watch the parade.


6. No, there'll probably be a fuck load of tourists there.

7. And they'll be at all the bars.


8. Definitely avoid Temple Bar area at all costs, that's where all the tourists go.

9. I hope it doesn't rain.


10. I need to make sure I've got my green on...yes, I know that's ridic but I've got some spirit!

11. Is it illegal to drink in St. Stephen's Green on Paddy's? Surely not?


12. Ah feck it, we can just drink outside a pub I guess.

13. Or maybe we could just stay in and get drunk at someone's house.

14. There'll be a lot of rowdy people in the streets.


15. But rowdy people might buy us drinks.



16. Actually rowdy people will definitely buy us drinks.

17. Yes, we're going out. It's settled.


18. Ah but then someone might pour a drink down my back. Again.

19. If I'm smashed it won't really matter, right?


20. I can always just throw my clothes in the washer when I get home tonight.

21. I'm definitely going to need a nap if we're going out tonight, too.

22. And food. A lot of food.


23. Speaking of, I wonder if they'll have the green McFlurry's at McDonald's this year.

24. I can't believe that guy just tried to shift me.


25. He wasn't even cute.

26. Wait, was he?


27. My beer goggles are well and truly on.

28. Should I try to get the shift? I mean why not...we're all sufficiently hammered.


29. Wow, everyone's really drunk.

30. Wow, so am I...fuck.

31. Where are my friends at?


32. I definitely need to befriend some strangers right now cause my friends have disappeared into the abyss.

33. Or some pizza. And chips. And a burger.


34. Just give me all the food.

35. And another drink, of course. And shots.


36. Definitely going to end up in Copper's tonight.

37. Fucking love being Irish.


38. I may actually vom everywhere. Or pass out.

39. Yep, passing out seems about right.

Until next year!


Video: Pros and Cons: Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Ally Kutz
Article written by
American student interning in Ireland for the semester. Lover of dogs and bad puns.

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