How To Handle The Rollover This St. Patrick's Day

Sometimes it can be a let down, other times it can be the greatest weekend of your life. St. Patrick's weekend is three days of Irish myth and mystery and nobody knows what the outcome might be. Everyone will be out this Saturday, Sunday and Monday and it is going to be a big one. No matter what, it will be a big and boozy night out for all the Irish folk. Then you just have to go out on Sunday because Monday is a bank holiday and it would be rude not to go out on St. Patrick's Day wouldn't it? So, this is going to be intense, you need to have your wits about you and copious amounts of alcohol at the ready. This is your time to shine and the only weekend besides your birthday where your parents will expect you to be drunk constantly. Take advantage of it and plan your weekend accordingly.



You need a plan this weekend. None of this waiting until the last minute to see where a group of girls or guys you briefly know are going. Try and get guestlist in more than one club. The queues will be long and you will need a back up. Write your plan of action in your Whatsapp group or Facebook page. No man will fend for themselves. Decide how you are going to avoid the parade on Monday while having the buzz of town with fellow Irishman. Use your organizational skills to the upmost decorum and go for gold CT readers. 


Make sure you have your drink bought on the Friday evening. Get more than you'll need just incase you end up spilling half a litre when you come home to raid your fridge after the match. If possible separate the liquor into plastic bottles and mark them VODKA or whatever drink they may be. The last thing you want is waking up with a pounding headache and a queasy stomach and pounding a bottle of vodka like its fresh, clean water. Remember you can only get over a vicious hangover by drinking again, so, drink while you are getting ready. If you are about to vomit all over the place make sure the drink is well mixed. You can do this. Never back down.




You need to get into the Irish spirit if you are going to last these three days. Throw on anything green or Irish related that you have; oversized glasses, a hat, sure even bring your tin whistle. If all you are wearing is green this weekend you will not have trouble choosing what to wear. So, no waiting around deciding what look you are going to go for. Nobody cares how slick you dress these three days of the year. Embrace it and dress like a leprechaun on steroids.




Get your Sine Fine Fail and Molly Malone at the ready. Do your voice training exercises because today you are going to unleash your talents of exciting proportions. You can sing, you can cheer and you can be as rowdy as you like. You are Irish and today you rule the world.



I know you rule the world today. I know us Irish are the greatest people on planet earth, but, keep away from trouble. The last thing you need is being taken to the police station by a Gardaí on a horse and missing out on all the fun festivities. Keep your cool and drink until your heart's content.



There will be a lot of foreign people in Dublin this weekend. They will be over celebrating the holiday with us and some might be looking for some Irish love. Get your game face on and make sure you are as charming as St. Paddy himself. Put on your strongest Irish accent and show that girl or guy what they are missing.




Do not deprive yourself of sleep this weekend. The rollover needs to happen and even if it is just 5 hours before you start drinking again rest up. You don't want to be conking out at pre drinks now do you?



Make sure your fridge is stocked up with food for the three days. Time is of the essence, so, grabbing a quick snack at home will save you time and money. Stay hydrated -  you do not want to wake up in a hospital bed having missed an eventful evening.




I would recommend getting out your weekend's allowance on Friday evening. Therefore, you know what your budget is and when you are hungover to pieces heading to the pub the next day you won't have to look for an ATM. Don't bring all the cash out on the Saturday because you will, under all circumstances, spend it.


Stay safe and classy this St. Patrick's Day CT Readers. Enjoy!

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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