Recruitment Firm Will Fly Irish People Living In Australia Home For A New Job

Recruitment Firm Will Fly Irish People Living In Australia Home For A New Job

If you know someone living in Australia or you're currently reading this from the other side of the world, a recruitment firm is offering to fly home emigrants for jobs in Ireland.

During the recession in the noughties, thousands of Irish moved to Australia to secure employment and now FRS Recruitment went to help these expats move home.

The recruitment company is offering a free flight to anyone who secures a job in Ireland through their recruitment search. The company is searching for those interested in construction, IT and the healthcare sector.

An Ireland is Hiring roadshow is taking place in Australia this week with the aim to introduce thousands of jobs to Irish expats and the free flight home will be offered to candidates who successfully secure a job through FRS Recruitment.

According to FRS Recruitment, companies are looking further afield to find people to fill important roles and wish to target expats who wish to return home:


During the recession a lot of qualified, educated people left these shores to seek out opportunities that simply were no longer available in Ireland. Australia was a particularly popular location, given the thriving jobs marketplace Down Under at that time. Many of these expats have since gone on to develop strong careers in Australia, growing their experience and maintaining impressive CVs.

Having had extensive dealings with the Irish community in Australia we are aware of a significant number of expats who harbour hopes of returning home. We hope that by providing people with job details, giving them the key salary and logistical information, while also providing them with the incentive of free flights, it will encourage more people to seriously consider applying for roles back in Ireland.

A strong demand for candidates is on personnel in construction, IT, healthcare, medical device/ pharmaceutical, and financial sectors. The roadshow will visit Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane and will run from Thursday, November 8 to Tuesday, November 13.

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