Job Fairy: £40,000 For A Full-Time Disney Princess Nanny

Job Fairy: £40,000 For A Full-Time Disney Princess Nanny

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a Disney Princess, spending your time singing and dancing and being so full of joy it's almost annoying? Well, today's your lucky day because one couple from Hertfordshire in England are looking for just that, with a £40,000 salary.

But wait, what's that catch? Well, not only will you get to act as though you're living in a castle (let's face it they probably live somewhere stunning if they're looking for this kind of staff), you will also get the chance to be the full-time carer of their two 5 year-old twin girls.

If you think you can channel your inner-princess for up to 9 hours a day, four times a week, while taking care of two 5 year olds, then this is the job for you! I'm exhausted just thinking about it..

The lucky employee will be fitted with custom Disney princess costumes, ranging from Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, Rapunzel, Snow White and Moana, switching up costumes month to month.

The job description is just like any other normal nanny job, that consists of picking the girls up from school (in costume), arranging Disney-themed activities, cooking dinner, and putting them to bed, all while carrying yourself as a super-fun Disney princess.

The candidate must be able to discipline the children when needed, while committing to the character.

The job description reads:


 "Myself and my husband are looking for a part-time nanny to care for our twin girls during the week, but we want to hire someone to look after our children whilst in character as a different Disney princess every month.

"Like most five-year-olds, our girls are obsessed with Disney and we feel this would be the best way to communicate some important values.

"We know this isn't a normal request for nannies, however we think it would be a great way to teach our girls about things like determination, fearlessness and ambition from strong, yet relatable, female role models like Princess Tiana, Princess Anna, Belle and Cinderella."

The job will include 25 days holidays, and bank holidays, as well as the lucky girl having flexible hours, a clean drivers license, first aid and at least two years experience in a similar field (as a nanny, not a princess).

"We know this isn't exactly a normal job offer," they added. "But we think it's a great opportunity for someone to get really creative and add a little magic to our girls' lives! So, if there are any Disney-mad nannies out there, who'd be able to help us out, please get in touch."

You can apply for the job here, on Good Luck!

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