Here's What You're Expected To Earn With A Degree In Social Sciences

Here's What You're Expected To Earn With A Degree In Social Sciences

If you're studying social science, about to graduate or just entering your first year, you'll be already wondering what kind of job you'll get from your course - or at least have seven people ask you that question daily.

In 2016, 53% of social science graduates were employed. 45% of those graduates were in Ireland. With that being said, 46% of social science students found that their degree was irrelevant to their employment.

Since graduating in 2016, 3% of social sScience graduates earned salaries over €45,000 with 32% earning between €21,000 - €24,999.

Although the figures might be proportionally lower then you'd expect, there's some good news. The figures came from the Higher Education Authority report and only 25% of social science students responded out of 1,700 which means salaries may actually be higher in a number of cases.

Similar to Arts & Humanities, social science can take you in a number of directions. With a degree in social science, you can work in media, advertising, market research, psychology, teaching, economics and banking.

The most employable sector for graduates with honours bachelor degree is business, insurance and finance and non-market services.


Currently, graduate roles as a research assistant in behavioural science and an assistant support worker offer competitive salaries. A commercial development assistant can earn between €24-26,000.

If social science students transferred to secondary school teaching, by undertaking a higher diploma in further education for example, their annual salary would jump by €5,000 - 6,000 thousand.

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