10 Annoying Facebook Friends We All Have

The Loved Up Couple

The ones who post selfies of the two of them on FB, you know, the guy who used to be your friend up until he started going out with that girl. Shame really...

The Over Exaggerator

Grossly misrepresenting the truth is something that a lot of people on FB do, it's shame really because I sort of used to like that person....DELETE!




The Shameless Self Promoter

When just about EVERY update is a link to someones blog, or an invite to a gig they're playing you should seriously consider removing them as a friend, have a look through your own profile to check if you're guilty...


The Argumentative Type AKA The Troll


One of the more annoying FB friends, they have a a predisposition it seems, to chiming in where people don't really give a shit what they think and causing silly arguments, the arguments are fun to follow though...


The Old School Friend

We didn't really get on in school, why should we try and force the issue on Facebook? Also, I don't really give a shit what you're doing with your life, it makes me jealous...


The Twitter Sync

#ThisisFacebooknotTwitteryoumoronsopleasestopbeingsolazy... These friends either don't know how to use Facebook, or don't know how to use Twitter.

Gordon Ramsey

Having a friend who thinks they're really really good at making food is all well and good, provided they don't instagram everything and post it on FB, it makes me hungry...



The Travelling Friend

You always know where these friends are because they post play-by-play updates on their journeys belittling you and your shitty little existence at home.



The One With The Kids

Ye your kids are great and I'm sure they're as cute as you say they are. However, we don't relish vivid descriptions of every shit / piss / temper tantrum they have / throw. Cop on...

The Constant Updater

Updates you every time they do anything really, 'Out on the town tonight' followed by 'Ughhhh sooo hungoverrrr'...

Shane Johnston
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Editor for CollegeTimes, UCD graduate and music lover. [email protected]

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