10 Week Tough Mudder Countdown Begins!

CollegeTimes have partnered up with the toughest event on earth, Tough Mudder

As well as offering a 10% Discount to all readers who sign up through CollegeTimes using the discount code COLLEGETIMES10 we’ve decided to get in on the act ourselves…

It's 10 weeks to the big event now so if you'd like to take part, you have time! Fitter, Faster, Stronger gym in Dublin, an elite training facility that specialises in Strength Training, Metabolic Conditioning and Functional Training, have been giving us valuable tips on how to prepare for this amazing event. 

Learn more about the event here.


To sign yourself up and prove that you have what it takes, click here!

FFS and Tough Mudder Exercise 1-Climbing Prep Progression from Scope Media on Vimeo.

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