Sure Listen: 11 Signs You're An Old Soul

Ever feel like you're 18 going on 80? Are you more likely to be downing a mug of sweet tea rather than shots of Sambuca? If you find yourself agreeing with these 11 signs then you might just be an Old Soul at heart.

You find yourself saying 'Kids today...' or grumbling about the lack of/abundance of everything and anything.


And yeah, you're 19.

Technology seems to have passed you by.



You have absolutely little to no interest in the latest gadget craze. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr? What's wrong with just having a phone that texts and calls? Sure you only joined Facebook to stalk your ex.

You never drink to get drunk.


You don't see why you even would. Give me a nice glass of red over a few cans of warm Dutch Gold any day. Some may even call you a snob, but I like to know a bit about the booze I'm drinking, thank you very much.


Your hobbies include knitting and\or sewing.


I rest my case.

The company of older people appeals to you more than people you're own age.



Your nan's mates are great fun and bonus point: they can sing along to every Frank Sinatra song off by heart with you.

On the topic of music, while you know current artists, your own collection is mostly dusty old vinyls with the likes of Billie Holiday and The Everly Brothers.


Oddly enough, not many people ever wanna borrow them.


You give brilliant advice.


If your mates are flocking to you when they've got a problem, you've obviously got a knack for fixing them. And are wise beyond your years.

You've no time for guys who play games.



'Never run after a man' is your motto.

You skip straight to the back of  any magazine to the crosswords and puzzles.


Sure it's good to work your brain, as you say.


You catch yourself saying 'It's a good day for drying'


(even if it's a joke, it still counts)

It's Friday night and you're in watching the Late Late with the parents.


Actually, I think that just might mean you're a bit sad.

Aoife Loughnane

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