12 Kids Who Definitely Dress Better Than You


Yeah... You should feel bad about the stained jeans you have on right now. For shame.

Mark refused the mars bar squares at the party as he only ate organic dark chocolate

Kelsey wondered if Alexa Chung would ever respond to her emails


Patrick knew that the addition of the dog in the selfie would guarantee more instagram likes

Riley knew if he was friendly to the local barristas, they'd put extra effort into his macchiatos

Lucy feared that one day that the other kids were on to  her non prescription frames

Mark wished they'd include gluten free cookies at play time

Harry always brought paleo treats to parties

Matty was unhappy to find that the chicken nuggets at brunch were not organic free range



Anabel always woke up grumpy if Lana Del Ray wasn't playing throughout nap time.

Jamie longed for a day where soy milk would be standard in hot chocolate


Tom just found out about the sale in Burberry Kids

Spencer had a growing concern about women's roles in fairy tails.



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