12 Signs You're The Mum Of Your Friend Group

Every friend group's got a designated 'mom' and if it's you, you're probably already aware of it. Even though it can be a tough burden to carry, there's a reason it's you. Well, a lot of reasons, and here's 12 of them.

1. You're the first person they call for advice, because they know you're the most level headed.

2. You're often the one holding back hair after a crazy night out.

3. You have your friends text you when they get home, just to be sure they're safe.


4. You're always on time.

5. When it comes to splitting the bill, your friends look straight to you to figure it out.

6. In times of crisis, you're the only one who stays calm, cool, and collected.


7. They can always count on you to take care of them if they're sick.

8. Your bag is full of 'just in case' items, like Advil, plasters, and tampons.




9. You're always prepared with snacks as well, just in case.

10. You tend to tidy up when you're at a friend's place, just out of habit.

11. They actually call you "mum," in public occasionally.

12. Even though it can be tough sometimes, you know your friends appreciate you and you could never give it up.

Ally Kutz
Article written by
American student interning in Ireland for the semester. Lover of dogs and bad puns.
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