12 Stages Of Going Back To College After The Holidays, As Told By Justin Bieber

The winter holidays are quickly coming to a close (cue the tears), and college students are trying to get back into the swing of things as the new semester starts. And if you’re anything like me, you’re really stuck in the middle of being so incredibly done with being at home, but not quite ready to get back to reality. If we’re being honest, it’s actually the worst place to be stuck in.


What better way to lay out exactly how we’re feeling than to have the almighty Justin Bieber say it all for us?

1. Driving Back To School

OMG I am SO happy to leave [insert town] and get back to [insert school] and see [insert friends].

2. When Your Parents Tell You To Not Party All The Time And Get Your Grades Up


Yes, Mum, I solemnly swear that I won’t go out every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night this semester and work on that huge 20-page paper that’s due at the end of the semester. *Finishes entire semester’s wine supply during syllabus week.*

3. Sitting In Your First 8am Class When You Should Be Sleeping

I truly cannot imagine anything better than sitting in my historiography class (yes, the history of history). I am so happy to be here! Oh man, I shouldn’t have gone out last night…

4. “You should have read the syllabus to know the assignment is due today.”


Yes, you’re right. Silly me! I forgot to look at the syllabus. Even though you emailed it to the class at 4:30 this morning (which was, like, four hours ago) when we were all sleeping (like you should have been), you’re right. That’s my bad.

5. Trying To Get Through Classes, Homework And Work Without Crying

Oh, six papers, a PowerPoint presentation, 400 pages of a book I’ve never even heard of and 30 hours standing on my feet at work? Count me in! Please, no, I was kidding! Just let me crawl up into a ball and not come out until May.



6. Writing That First Paper

What is the proper APA citation again? I should probably change all the punctuation to size 14 to make this meet the minimum page requirement. F*ck it, hopefully the professor takes my generous offering of tears and 40 euro because this paper is not getting done.

7. Successfully Going To All Of Your Classes The First Week Back


I want to thank not only God, but coffee for giving me the sanity and strength to get up these past few days and go to class. It really means more than you’ll ever know. Okay, where is the wine?

8. “Have you been staying in and studying like I told you to?”

Uh, about that, Mum… I actually have been studying so much that I’m getting my days mixed up. Oh, look at that, I have class! Okay bye, Mum!

9. Actually Doing Well On That First Paper


I really owe it all to Google, wine and working right up until the last possible minute. There is no good reason as to why I got an A, but I will take it with open arms. #SoBlessed.

10. That First All-Nighter

Not even 10 cups of coffee can fix how extremely tired I am. I’m not even an art major, so why did I have to write a 10-page paper comparing and contrasting Japanese and European art?

11. Contemplating If You Even Want That College Degree Anymore

I’m sure someone would hire me. I’m really funny and have such a great personality. I could definitely land something. Actually, you know what? Living with my mum for the rest of my life really doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

12. Okay, it’s time for reading week, like, yesterday.

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