13 Celebrities That Should Be On Your Free Pass List

What's your free pass list? It's the list of celebrities that you're allowed to sleep with during your relationship, should you ever bump into them and the opportunity presents itself. A man can dream eh? Always a good rule to make your list as diverse as possible, and always include at least one Irish celebrity ... just in case. These 13 celebrities should be on YOUR free pass list.

13. Victoria Justice.

Remember the days of Zoey 101 and now Victorious? Victoria Justice seems like she's been around for ages when she first started out acting in Gilmore Girls 11 years ago. She just announced the release of her debut album which is due to be released this summer and she's still only 21!

12. Emily Ratajkowski.

Everyone knows this babe from her raunchy, controversial, but extremely sexy performance in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" music video. She used to have a recurring role in Nickelodeon TV show iCarly and now is an international modeling and sex symbol.


11. Michelle Keegan.

Infamously known around the UK and Ireland from her days on Coronation Street, Michelle Keegan is undoubtedly one of the most lusted after English women around. Just wow. You'd regret not putting her on your free pass list!

10. Jennifer Lawrence.

Becoming an almost overnight success in her role in The Hunger Games, J-Law is every man's dream. She's only 23-years-old and has already won 3 Golden Globe Awards! Funny, talented and drop-dead gorgeous, you'd be a fool not to have her on your list.


9. Kaley Cuoco.

From "8 Simple Rules" all the way up to "The Big Bang Theory", men have admired Kaley has been keeping our eyes glued to the TV for over 10 years. If you look at the pilot episode of 8 Simple Rules in 2002 and the most recent episode of The Big Bang, it's scary how similar she is then and now - it looks like she hasn't aged at all! And still 2 years left in her before she hits 30.

8. Britney Spears.

Oh Brittney what happened to you? I'll be honest I don't find Brittney even half as attractive now as I did when she first came onto the scene. She went absolutely cray-cray. Now with 2 failed marriages and 2 children it's fair to say that she's seen better days. But still, if the opportunity ever did arise, I'd just close my eyes, picture the good old days and hum "Oops I did It Again", then ask "Baby One More Time."


7. Jennifer Aniston.

A good rule of thumb is to always throw at least one cougar into the equation, just in case. You can't have ALL the young sexy starlets. And sometimes experience is better than youth, you know what I mean? Just close your eyes and think of Rachel from Friends. Hi-Oh! Boomshakalaka.

6. Kate Upton.

Kate Upton rose to global stardom and recognition after being the cover girl for Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2012 and 2013. The 22-year-old model-turned actress is skyrocketing to popularity, especially among men!


5. Kim Kardashian.

After Kimye's recent excursions to Ireland in the last couple of months you can live in hope that one day you might cross paths with Kimmy K. It seems like "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" has been running on our TV screens for decades at this stage, but us guys never get tired of them. Oops, the secret's out!

4. Georgia Salpa.

You've gotta have at least one Irish girl. For the geographical location alone, you increase your odds of bumping into them by at least 5%! They don't come much hotter than Irish glamour model Georgia Salpa. We miss her so much!


3. Mila Kunis.

Mila started out acting in That 70s Show when she was just 15, progressing to voice Meg Griifin on Family Guy which mad her cute high-pitched voice a phenomenon. Born in the former USSR, Mila has got that middle-eastern beauty and is definitely up at the top of  every man's free pass list.

2. Arianny Celeste.

Arianny may or may not be in Dublin this weekend for the UFC Fight Night, so I'd draw up this list pretty quick in that case if I were you! She is the most popular UFC Octagon Girl and has become a regular fixture at their events. as well as being a die-hard follower of the sport!

1. Jessica Alba.

ALl I can ever think of is "Into The Blue." What a film. Whatever producer decided to put Paul Walker and Jessica Alba side-by-side in a film together is an enigmatic genius. Tow of the most attractive specimens known to human kind. We can't wait to see her again in the next Sin City movie!

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