The 13 People You'll Travel With This Summer

No matter how much you want to avoid it, you'll always end up traveling with at least one person who is an exact replica of the stereotypical travel buddy. This might be a great thing, or it could be absolutely dreadful. Spending every single day with someone can often lead to the worst qualities coming out, but sometimes it can lead to the best. It's all a toss up, really. But more than likely you'll be traveling with at least one of the following people this summer, and you'll likely also fit into one of these moulds too.

1. The Homesick One


The first few days with them are fine, but then once the idea of traveling for a long period of time sets in, they completely shut down. A lot of whining about missing home and sometimes a bit of crying, this person is not the best travel companion. While you want to feel a bit bad for them, it's just an obvious sign they weren't ready to head out on their own just yet.

2. The Planner



This person is THE person you want to travel with, if you're not already this person. They'll handle all the arrangements and make sure that everything is set before you even take off. Be careful, though: they can sometimes over-plan or be so stuck on the plan that one wrong thing can send them into a tizzy.

3. The Hard Partier


While there's nothing wrong with partying a bit, you definitely don't want to end up traveling with someone who brings cocaine to a drinking party (unless that's your thing). You don't want them dragging you into any serious trouble, so try to avoid these ones. Plus, you'll have less to worry about as you and your other mates know your limits.


4. The Drama Queen/King


This one cannot go a day without some kind of drama occurring in the group. Whether it's something that actually happens or something they cause, they're always looking for a good bit of goss or are ready to pick a fight. Avoid at all costs.

5. The Lovesick One and/or the Lovebirds



Both of these are terrible, terrible people to travel with. If you've got both people who are in the couple, you should expect lots of PDA, making out, and sex from them where you're staying. If you've only one of the couple, expect a lot (a lot) of complaining about missing their SO, and possibly some very late night/early morning Skype sessions interrupting your sleep. Ugh.

6. The Indecisive One


While sometimes they're a good person because hey, they'll go along with whatever you do, this person can also be a bit frustrating. When you ask them what they'd like to do, the normal response is, "I don't care, whatever you want to do." If you're both indecisive, this can make the trip terribly frustrating and can cause you to spend too much time trying to figure out what you're going to do instead of actually doing it.


7. The Stubborn One


This is the person who is set in their ways and won't budge. Planned on going to the park but it's raining? Nope, they still want to go. Wanted to go to a museum but the line is long? That's okay, they'll wait, because this was what they were set on doing. Can sometimes be good, but mostly is bad.

8. The Know-It-All



One of the most annoying of the bunch, the Know-It-All knows everything about, well, everything. Whether it's the place you're eating or that piece of art in the museum you're visiting, they've got some kind of fact about it. Even if they're completely new to the city, they'll somehow make it seem as if they know more about the transportation than everyone else. Not a fun person.

9. The Lazy One


While we've all got our lazy days, this person is excessively lazy. I'm talking dragging them out of bed in the mornings so you can actually go and do things. They're also most often the ones to forget things back at the hostel or just not pack them period, leaving everyone else to make up for any slack they're causing.


10. The Workaholic


The person who, even though they're out traveling, is still obsessed with schoolwork. They're probably taking a summer course online while you're traveling, meaning they never go out at night and often spend days at the hostel. Their priority is school, not hanging with mates.

11. The Nervous One



They say you should do one new thing a day that scares you, but the nervous one is having none of that. There's nothing wrong with being nervous, but allowing that to hold you back is what sets them apart from the rest of the crew. Often they won't want to do certain things because it makes them nervous and often will guilt you into not doing something for that reason. Don't let them get to you.

12. The Social Butterfly


This person cannot stay off their phone for more than a few minutes at a time. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and their mam all need to know exactly what they're doing every minute of the day. I mean, if I didn't Instagram my meal, did I even eat? For them, the answer is no. Be careful, because while it's nice to document your trip, they might be so caught up in the documentation they forget to enjoy it.


13. The Human Compass


This person should be your best friend forever. They've basically got it built in them to know directions without having to look at their phone every two seconds to make sure you're on the right street. Especially handy on a night out, as they will be able to get you guys home if you get just a wee bit lost.


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