17 Things Every Twenty-Something Who Can’t Cook Can Relate To

Possibly one of the worst things about being is your 20s is the fact that people expect you to be good at cooking, just because you're an an 'adult.' Who cares if you can pay your own bills and hold down a job! That doesn't mean you're not shit at cooking, but thankfully you're not alone. These are things that are most definitely true for those of us who are the absolute worst at cooking.

1. Kitchens are pretty much your worst nightmare.

Especially the ones that have a lot of appliances and utensils in them. No thank you, point me to the microwave.

2. Most appliances with more than one attachment are like Rubik's Cubes.

They're absolutely confusing and you probably won't figure them out. Are all these parts actually necessary??


3. Even if you can cook something simple like pasta, you always end up making WAY too much.

Every. Single. Time.

4. Trying out a recipe from Pinterest never goes right.

5. You dread the words "Bake Sale Fundraiser" because you're actually expected to make something.


6. "Bring a dish to share" actually means picking something up at Tesco before the party.

7. Using cooking utensils that aren't a fork or spoon confuses the shit out of you.

Are we sure these are actually for cooking, or are they just made up?


8. If you do try to cook something fancy, you end up with a mountain of dishes that need cleaning.

9. You've set at least one meal on fire before.

This pretty much sums up how all cooking ventures go.




10. You're a pro at working the microwave...sometimes.

11. Well, maybe less than half the time, actually.


12. Cereal is your specialty.

13. You often Google how to do simple cooking tasks, like boil water.

Hint: this is not how to do it.

14. If the recipe has more than two or three steps, you're out.


15. The delivery guy from your favourite takeaway place knows you by name.

16. AND he knows your usual order.

Yes, I ordered the family meal deal. No, there's no one else eating with me.

17. But since you can't cook, you've got more time to eat the food that's made for you.

Ally Kutz
Article written by
American student interning in Ireland for the semester. Lover of dogs and bad puns.

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