19 Things Every Student Needs To Know About Anxiety

Anxiety is something that so many people deal with but so few understand. It's a term so often thrown around that it's lost all meaning...but not to those that suffer from it. Living your day to day life with anxiety can be debilitating and just generally awful. So here's a few things for anyone who doesn't deal with anxiety to remember and for those of you who do, these should be lovely and familiar.

1) Feeling agitated/stressed is an everyday occurrence for us.

2) Sometimes we feel incapable of NOT worrying.

3) Anxiety can actually make us feel physically ill. Yep, it's not just in our minds.

4) A panic attack can make us feel as though we’re going to die. This is not an exaggeration.

 5) Anxiety can actually cause more anxiety which can cause even more anxiety. Yep, it's a vicious cycle.

6) That’s right. We worry about worrying.


7) A good night's sleep is a thing of the past.

8) Our minds immediately jump to the worst case scenario.

9) Large crowds are pretty much the stuff of nightmares.


10) Second guessing is second nature.

11) We’re always exhausted because our minds never fully shut down.

12) Your intentions may be good, but telling us to “calm down” really doesn't help.


13) Things that may seem simple to most people like shopping, traveling and meeting new people, can be a huge undertaking for us.

14) We're aware that there's medication that would help us, but honestly, the thought of that feeds our anxiety. 

15) For us, a little cough or runny nose is basically the first sign that we’re coming down with a life threatening illness. Sadly this is not an exaggeration.


16) Our skin is known to break out in inexplicable hives and rashes, which is super fun.

17) Having friends and family around who understand our anxiety and help us with it is an incredible resource and we know we're very lucky.

18) Love and support go a long way!

19)  So keep calm and love someone with anxiety!

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Isabelle Riggins

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