28 Weird Things Girls Do That They'll Never Admit To Their Friends

Us girls like our friends to think that we're perfect human beings who have no flaws whatsoever. Yes, we may let them in on the odd secret or two, but only if we think it'll be seen as cute or funny. Needless to say, there are many other things girls do that we're not always so quick to boast about. Here are just a few of those weird things:


1) Wearing the same dirty bra all week because it makes your boobs look great.
2) Reapplying fresh make-up over yesterday's make-up.
3) Only shaving before special occasions just because.
4) Sobbing over cheesy marriage proposal videos on YouTube.
5) Recording yourself singing and then listening back to see if you sound any better than the last song.
6) Picking your nose on the sly when no-one's looking.
7) Sleeping in the same bed as your mom when you've had a bad day.
8) Peeing in the shower. Every time. Without fail.
9) Secretly checking out other women's boobs in the changing room to compare sizes.
10) Using toilet roll as a makeshift pad when your period comes unexpectedly.
11) Smelling yourself throughout the day to check for B.O.
12) Removing long hairs that have gotten stuck in your butt while you're in the shower.
13) Resting your hands down your pants for no particular reason.
14) Staying on the phone to your friend while you're on the toilet.
15) Having imaginary conversations with yourself, as if you're speaking to your crush.
16) Googling yourself more than once, twice or you know, five times...
17) Counting how many pages of results Google finds your existence, and being proud of that number.
18) Singing in front of a mirror and pretending that you're auditioning for The X Factor.
19) Scratching your head and then picking out the bits of dandruff after.
20) Picking out bellybutton fluff.
21) Buying the aftershave your crush wears and spraying it on your pillow.
22) Watching yourself cry in the mirror just to see if you're a "pretty crier".
23) Refusing to take a dump in public toilets.
24) Sneezing while you're on your period and squeezing your legs shut even tighter.
25) Putting loose hairs on the shower wall instead of having them swirl around your feet.
26) Enjoying squeezing blackheads far too much.
27) Picking off dead skin from all parts of your body and loving every second of it.
28) Double-checking to make sure you can still feel the tampon.


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