The 32 Struggles Of Being A Night Owl

If you find yourself watching trash TV at half 3 in the morning because you just can't sleep; congratulations, you're a night owl. For many, night is a time of rest and a time to recharge; to take on the world the next day. For you, it's a time to be super productive and use all your energy! While we may be great on a night out, being a night person definitely has it's downfalls.. like mornings. *shudders*

1) Mornings Are Painful- Everywhere hurts; your eyes, your skin, your hair even. You rarely wake up feeling energized and satisfied with your sleep.

2) You Genuinely Don't Wake Up Until 5pm

Sure, you're awake and functioning (barely), but it isn't until everyone else hits their slump that you're finally ready for the day.

3) People Don't Understand How You're Always Tired-You'd be tired too if you were up til 4 thinking about the meaning of life.

4) Over-thinking Absolutely Everything At Night-Speaking of thinking about the meaning of life, remember that incredibly embarrassing thing you did 5 years ago? Yeah, let's think about that for an hour and what you should have done and every other possible outcome.


5) Night TV Is Cr*p-Have you heard about this wonder mop!?

6) You Can Never Find Someone To Talk To (because the majority of your friends are gone by 11 pm... who are you meant to Whatsapp all of your insane thoughts to?)

7) No Job Will Ever Suit Your Crazy Sleeping Pattern. 9-5? No thanks.

8) Speaking of Sleeping Patterns, Yours Is Pretty Messed Up- You can easily get 13 hours one night and 4 the next.... it all averages out at 8 hours a night anyway, right?

9) You're Not Really Productive Until The Evening-Sure, you're there and you're working away, but it isn't until the late afternoon that you get super productive and full of ideas.


10) You're Always Falling Asleep In Class-What was that lecture about? ah never mind I'll get it off someone else...

11) Morning Classes Seem Like A Waste To You-What's the point? Not like I'm even paying attention.

12) Getting Ready In The Morning Is Hard-Everything is so much more of an effort.

13) Your Parents Constantly Lecture You About Your 'Abnormal' Sleeping Pattern-IT'S WHO I AM!! Can I live?

14) There's No Such Thing As Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner- Brunch is your best friend.



16) Sleeping Next To Scraps Of Paper- Because let's be real, this is the only time you actually have ideas.

17) Trying To Sneak To The Fridge-Midnight snacks are a must.

18) Trying To Hide Your Laughter When You Find Something Funny Online-Must. Remain. Silent.

19) People Telling You That You're Wasting Your Day-It's my day, I'll do what I want with it thanks.

20) People Constantly Give You 'Advice' On How To Get To Sleep Earlier- No tea or bath will shut my brain up but thanks all the same.


21) Your Brain Can Only Be Described As An Excited Dog- OMG LET'S DO THIS!! NO LET'S DO THAT! OMG REMEMBER WHEN THIS HAPPENED HAHA THAT WAS FUNNY but seriously I wonder how the Earth is positioned perfectly to sustain a perfect climate for human life.

22) Your Brain Genuinely Scares You- Late Night Thoughts aren't pretty.

23) Having Everyone Else Fall Asleep Before You- You're always the last to fall asleep.

24) Constantly Convincing People To Go Out- What do you mean you're tired? Sure we were only out til 3 last night.


25) You're Always The Last To Know About News- "Did you hear about that car accident?" One sec I just woke up let me check my Facebook.

26) Sending Lecturers E-mails At 4am- They're definitely judging me... now they know why I never make it to their 9am class.

27) Your Late Night Texts Sound Like Booty Calls- No, I just want someone to talk to ... oops.

28) Feeling Spontaneous At Night But Having No One To Join you

29) "Why Don't You Just Go To Bed Earlier?"- Gee, I never tried that. Thanks for the advice!

20) You Spend A Ridiculous Amount Of Money On Coffee- It's the only way to get through the nightmare that is daytime.

31) People Not Understanding That It's Just Who You Are As A Person- I could have the busiest day and be super tired, and still spend half the night awake thinking. It's not just a sleeping pattern..

32) You Constantly Wish That People Would Just Accept Your Night Owl Ways- Come to the dark side, we have cookies!

Emma Mulholland
Article written by
Journalism and French student with an unhealthy obsession for all things fashion and beauty. Comedy nerd and art enthusiast. I just want to live in Paris and enjoy lattes and croissants on a daily basis.

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